I often get asked by moms of boys if I photograph male seniors. My answer is: ABSOLUTELY! I believe that guys deserve senior photos just as much as girls. It is a significant milestone in a person’s life, another important step toward adulthood, and should be celebrated.


I find boys particularly fun to photograph. Their sessions are usually a little different than those of girls: for one, I try to keep the session moving forward faster so as not to let the guy get bored with being photographed.


Boys’ posing is different as well: while I do aim to have a combination of posed and candid looking images (just like I do with girls), the poses themselves are more masculine. No awkward photos here!


I also love to include the things that have been important in the guy’s high school career, such as sports gear or letterman jackets. We cover all ideas, including outfit recommendations, at the consultation with the senior and his parent.

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